A Letter To Marcus About College

Dear Marcus,

College is important for a number of reasons. When you go to college, you are not only expanding your career prospects, you are expanding the horizons of your world. Sometimes we like to stick with people with similar ideas/mindsets as us. At school you are often placed in situations where people think differently than you. When you are surrounded by people who are polar opposites, you tend to look at things from a different angle and gain perspective into other sides of arguments. Your mind is built on experiences that you live through, and those experiences can be shaped by the people around you. When you attend college, you broaden your pool of people to include many more who want to enrich your life. Not only those around you, but the entire human history of examples to learn from. Sure, you’ve got your search engines, your data queries and your hacker friends, but all of that just doesn’t compare to actually having human fountains of knowledge to ask about real world problems.

Take my professor- Jeff Kuure for example. I wouldn’t know anything about Design or Development or how to handle design criticism without him. He’s a mentor and a friend to everyone he meets. When you come to a place like college, you can meet people like him and communicate directly. The difference between communicating with someone in person and seeing their posts online is tremendous. Learning comes from a variety of sources, and it’s up to you to expand that pool of sources until your experience encompasses everything you need to succeed in life.

“But if you’re not prepared to learn from the teachers that life gives you, you’ll always be ignorant.”

-Cory Doctorow, Homeland.

This was a conversation between Masha and Marcus. This simple statement holds a lot of truth. When you’re paying attention and process information, you actually learn how to learn. When you are alert and prepared to listen, you have an opportunity to think critically about the educational material. Employers are looking for critical thinkers. Someone who can add value to the work environment and serve clients/customer efficiently. When you soak in what you learn in class you’re able to offer new perspectives and experiences. Also, employer know that any techy person needs to stay up to date in order to stay ahead of the competition. They need to know that you’re open to learning new things. That person is looked at as more successful as opposed to someone afraid to learn new things.

College also is a benchmark for your progress. There are many things in life to be proud of, you don’t need one piece of paper to validate your skills and knowledge, but it can quickly prove to others that you have dedicated yourself to a subject and that you can stay with a goal until it’s finished, even if it takes years. That is the main aspect of what people look for when they look for someone to join their organization, a person who can dedicate themselves for the long term.