A Student’s Morning

I chose this series of sounds to represent a daily routine for myself and a number of students. I wanted to show the stresses and influences involved in getting to class and on with the day. When I recorded these, it was during my day and this was to make sure that the sounds were as natural as possible.

I start with the night before, many things can affect your sleep, such as listening to constant snoring that may have been provided by a partner or roommate. The night is full of bumps and jolts and noise if you stay too quiet. We can all discover a new way to wake up in the morning when we take the time to see how we really are.

I recorded the sounds of the world while I walked to class, and tried to capture the way that they affect me as a person. Our world is a hustle and bustle dance and we need to keep up or fall behind. I recorded the crosswalk beep to illustrate this, it’s an alarm that warns you to get across the street quickly or face the wrath of the waiting drivers. Even if you follow its directions, you aren’t safe because people are unpredictable.

The recording of the bus was taken as I got on on the way to class. I wanted to show an environmental transition, the recording starts on the sidewalk and continues as I’m on board the vehicle. This was to capture the change in ambient sounds from one setting to the next. This is something that one may not notice as our brains tend to filter different sounds. Much like what we learned from Radiolab. Radiolab is a tool for showing the sounds we experience every day and how it can influence our lives in the larger scope. It brings the background noises to the front, it brings our subconscious thoughts to top of our mind.

Lastly, the elevator was taken in the library elevator. We rely on many different machines to move ourselves to the places we need to be, and we are shaped by our ability to complete our tasks. Our world has been shaped by people who try to optimize every aspect of it to make it fair and efficient for everyone, and this can leave you feeling like an ant on a farm, like a small part of a larger machine.