Art 110

Final Project


Here is a video I made showing the rest of the manga. Please enjoy! 🙂

Chicken Dance:)

Hiromi is probably one of my favorite teachers at WSU. I’ve never met anyone with so much energy before. If you want to take a fine arts class take it with her. You won’t regret it. Here we are all doing our last chicken dance in class. What a great semester this has been:)

Group Novel (Collaboration)


So we all did a comic book together, but of course mine fell off the wall while the picture was being taken so I held onto it.


Kelly-anne’s drawing of me (:


This is a drawing I did of Kelly-anne 🙂

Figure drawing classmates


Here are some drawings I did of fellow classmates. I like the one I did of Trisha the best, but I think I made her breasts a little too big.

Sketchbook Drawing 32, 33 and 34

Sketchbook Drawing 002

Sketchbook Drawing 007

Sketchbook Drawing 035

Midterm Drawing


Sketchbook Drawing 29, 30 and 31

Sketchbook Drawing 023

Sketchbook Drawing 025

Sketchbook Drawing 022

Sketchbook Drawing 26, 27 and 28

Sketchbook Drawing 006

Sketchbook Drawing 009

Sketchbook Drawing 008

Sketchbook Drawing 24 and 25

Sketchbook Drawing 034

Sketchbook Drawing 033

Sketchbook Drawing 21, 22 and 23

Sketchbook Drawing 015

Sketchbook Drawing 019

Sketchbook Drawing 036

Sketchbook Drawing 20

Sketchbook Drawing 020

Sketchbook Drawing 18 and 19

Sketchbook Drawing 010

Sketchbook Drawing 024

Sketchbook Drawing 15, 16 and 17

Sketchbook Drawing 016

Sketchbook Drawing 013

Sketchbook Drawing 012

Sketchbook Drawing 14

Sketchbook Drawing 004

Sketchbook Drawing 13

Sketchbook Drawing 001

Sketchbook Drawing 10, 11 and 12

Sketchbook Drawing 003

Sketchbook Drawing 005

Sketchbook Drawing 027

Sketchbook Drawing 8 and 9

Sketchbook Drawing 017

Sketchbook Drawing 018

Sketchbook Drawing 7


This is a fun drawing I did with pencil, pen and paint. I normally don’t add colors to my drawings, but I realize colors can take a simple drawing and really make it come more to life.

Sketchbook Drawing 6


For my mid-term I’m working on creating shadows and building better values, so for this week, I decided to practice that on the sketchbook.

Still life (studio set up)


I feel I’m definitely improving on my drawings. The blanket on this piece in comparison to my value and scale drawing looks a lot more realistic. Definitely need to push the values still, there is but only a few tones on this drawing. Will work on that more for my mid-term, but I think I’m finally starting to get the shapes right and I’m improving on creating more details in my work.

Sketch book drawing 5


This is a drawing I did of a lamp. It started off as just a fun little sketch I did in one of my classes, but then I just gradually started to add in more details and felt I brought it a little more to life. One thing I would like to work on is enlarging my light bulb a little bit. I think I’m starting to become a little better at shading now and adding more perspective in my backgrounds.

Sketch Book Drawing 4


This week I wanted to draw an animal but create a more of a cartoon version. I decided to design the clouds, the wind and the shark itself very whimsical like. I’m not sure if I like this better or the one I did of the peacock this week. I will be posting the peacock drawing very shortly. One thing I will be continuing doing with this drawing will be to work on adding more texture to the grass and perhaps shading in certain areas to bring out more dimension.

Sketch Book drawing 3

value1 tone1

In class we not only worked on 2 point perspectives, but we also learned about tone and value. So at home, I decided to practice adding depth to my drawn objects and creating different textures. I did this by adding various forms of shading such as lines, cross hatching, etc.

Hallway one-point Perspective drawing


Here is a one point perspective drawing of a hallway I drew located in the Art center. It took me a while to make sure every line pointed exactly towards the vanishing point. It honestly felt like my ruler had a mind of its own sometimes. i like how the drawing ended up and I think I’m starting to slowly understand perspective drawings a little better. I will continue working on making sure every lines is lined up correctly as that was a problem I previously had.

Sketch Book Drawing 2- re-do of my negative shapes


I decided to re-do my negative shape drawing when I got home. As you can see the negative shapes are a little neater. I of course used pencil though.

Reductive drawing (Creating ground with charcoal, eraser as medium)


This was a fun drawing I did in 5 minutes of a skeleton that was positioned slightly sideways in front of me. I used charcoal and an eraser for this art work.

Mystery drawing (Drawing with senses, mystery object)


In class we did a fun little activity where we had to feel an object in a bag and draw it. We were not allowed to see what was in the bag. Just drew what we felt and this is what I came up with.

Sketch Book Drawing 1 -Eye ball

Eye ball

I decided to draw an eye for my weekly drawing. I used pencil and pastel as these are the tools I enjoy using the most.

Self Portrait( application of Master study)



Here is a self-portrait I did of myself. I approached this drawing the same way I did with the Skull. I created structural lines first but drew the whole face out at once instead of drawing it one at a time. Looking back on this photo I could’ve used contouring around my face and hair. I also notice the corner of my lip is up on the wrong side. Probably the only thing I like about this drawing is that it does look similar to the photo of myself, but although one can tell this is me, I probably could’ve done a lot better. Hopefully I can get this charcoal tool down.

Da Vinci Skull drawing (Master study of lines)


This is a drawing I did of a skull using charcoal. To help me achieve the shape, I drew structural lines and erased a little of it when I was done so as not to distract the viewer. I drew each side of the face one at a time to make sure the skull was proportional. I struggled with creating shadows and the little details that I would normally make with pencil. With charcoal I kept smearing everything including the hatches I placed over the face. Using charcoal was very new to me, I’m more of a pencil drawer, but hopefully with time, I’ll get better.

16 line study (a thing in 16 ways)



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