My Prezi Design Process

Reflection Response #3

Certain modes used in my design were spatial, gestural, linguistic, aural and visual. Originally my presentation resembled a web diagram, but I wanted to create more of a circle sequence by displaying arrows around each slide-gesturing what will be discussed next. I felt it would make my design easier to follow which I believe is a crucial component of a successful design template. Another mode used was Linguistics. This was heavily used throughout my design because I wanted to make sure every slide was clear and informational. So I provided book definitions and my own definition, along with an analysis of each text I chose. Aural was also something I assembled into my design. I provided a video of the “Brady Bunch” that illustrated the use of frames. The video had the opening theme song which sung a story that went along with each frame used. I also used a video that explained how color is linked towards a certain gender. The next mode I used was Visual. I made sure to use certain colors that were attention grabbing and would help engage my audience.

I would say color was definitely something I intentionally incorporated into my design. To me, color is the most important part of a text because that is what will draw the eye of the audience and is the first line of communication. We are a visual society where people tend to place enormous importance on the visual presentation of a text. My choice of colors were red and yellow. Red is a very vibrant color and gives off a powerful, energetic and passionate feel. While yellow is also vibrant, but also gives a happy and light feel. I felt those two colors really helped in making my presentation visually appealing.