Video Project Process

In my time based text I used a lot of emphasis on the images of the website. I felt the visual design elements would help present my information more so than the linguistic aspects. My purpose is to reach an audience of students by using a more educational platform such as a PowerPoint. The genre I chose was created in a style that is easy to read, provides upbeat music, but also relies on the genre conventions of a PowerPoint and report, as I still provide formal language to connect with an audience of students. This text is meant to be presented to a group of people in a short amount of time, but is also to be formatted in a way as a slide show and is yet a little more media-rich and interactive. The Mac website itself is very in-your-face with its visuals, so I made my analysis somewhat similar by placing flashy animations and transitioning throughout my text.

In terms of alignment, my text were mostly aligned to the left, which gives the audience something easy to follow visually, as they read from left to right. My letters were either white or yellow against a blue background, or yellow against a black. I felt using warm colors against cools would help make my words pop. My images were always organized in a way where it would take up most of the space of the slides, which also subtly employs contrast, by leaving a little empty space at the bottom of the slide for the words. This helps make my slide easy to follow. Visually, lots of animations and transitions were used to help place emphasis on a word, allowing that specific word to be the main focus. My color choices of slides were originally pink and yellow. I wanted to follow the bright colors used on the images of the site, however it clashed with the images I had and appeared too distracting. So my background colors were always simple: either blues or blacks. Aurally, I used a song by Lorde called “Royals.” This song is about luxury and being caught up in material things such as: fancy drinks, cars, watches, planes, etc. I felt make-up is also a material like content that certain consumers spend a lot of money on. I also liked how it was remixed to provide a more pulsing beat and high energy feel which is how I feel when I look through the visual content of Mac cosmetic’s website. I attempted to make the images of women follow along with the tempo of the song to help engage my audience in the beginning my presentation.

Time based text: