This week’s presentation was very informative. We learned that the web consisted of three groups: surface web, deep web and the dark web. I personally did not know the difference between deep and dark web, but I felt this group helped guide us with these confusing terms and also gave us a better understanding of how the web works. A surface web is anything that can be searched on by any search engine such as Google, yahoo, etc. This type of web search relies on pages that contain links to find content. The deep web is something that a search engine cannot find. Going a little deeper you now have the dark web. Which is a little portion of the deep web that is hidden on purpose and is not accessible on web browsers.

    I’ve never studied the deep or dark web before. Just attaching the terms “dark” or “deep” makes me associate it with something negative. I think of the black market, child pornography, violence or anything dangerous. After thinking about it though, I suppose there are some positives to having an internet beyond the internet. For example, say you wanted to blog about how corrupt or horrible a company is, but you’re afraid to because of your profile. Maybe you’re an important figure in your community but you need to share with people your thoughts in order for change to occur. I suppose chatting within the deep web is a great way to communicate without tracking problems. The safety and privacy it can provide is very unique. Then again, I personally don’t trust any software with my information, but I can see how others may find it beneficial.