For my final blog, I would like to write about a group I thought did a great job this week: The Tumblr group. Although everyone else did a fine job, I really liked the topic the Tumblr group discussed. They talked about the LGBTQ community and how Tumblr creates a positive space for them. The group presented a nicely designed Tumblr blog that obtained a heap of information. They discussed the different types of sexualities involved within the Tumblr community, and how there are certain online spaces within Tumblr that helps aid in coming out to family and friends. They then went through various messages that were reblogged and gave a thorough and insightful analysis on how Tumblr can benefit these communities.

One of the questions they had asked in the beginning was would this type of support be as affective in the real world? I thought this was a very good question to ask. I feel that Tumblr is different than most online platforms. Just like any social media you can effortlessly share anything, but what makes Tumblr unique is that you can customize anything you post. Whether its colors or your themes HTML. You can even make yourself anonymous which I think is a very attractive factor for users and is what makes it a safe place for people to use. Tumblr’s is also appealing because through finding one person who is similar to you, you’ll find ten more, because they’ll be following people like themselves as well. The fact that this sense of anonymity provides a safe haven for this community is something you cannot get within the real world.

I have many gay friends and have seen the struggles they’ve gone through especially in high school. One of my friends was even kicked out of their home when they came out. I’ve watched him go through so much hate in high school (a large majority of the students were homophobic) and it sickened me how some people treated him. He is such a strong and amazing person and I admire him so much and I now I’m realizing I’m getting off topic here. But the point is, I think just having an online space where different groups of people can feel welcomed is such a wonderful thing. Especially since there are relatively few spaces out there for say, gay teens. They are too young to go to a gay club or possibly a queer friendly city. Tumblr is a great place for them to meet others like themselves without worrying about getting bullied or disapproval from their peers.