Data Gathering, Sorting, Coding

We have begun our project and have started our data collection. Our profiles are up, and responses are coming in. We began collecting data last Thursday. We have 6 profiles set up on Tinder, one light skin black woman with straight hair, one with darker skin with curly hair, a butch lesbian, a feminine lesbian, a white blonde woman, and a white brunette woman. We have made some progress so far, we are collecting responses and analyzing the keywords. We have some data gathering left to do and are wanting a good sample size for accurate results.

Some initial tendencies we are seeing is that the white girls and the black girl with Eurocentric features are receiving much more attention. We believe that this is due to the racial makeup of the respondents in the Pullman area, who are mostly white men from a suburban upbringing. We hypothesis that attraction is based on life experiences and familiarity, and these men are more attracted to the women who represent the women they grew up with.

We plan on representing the data in a number of visual formats, we will tally the total number of responses in a bar graph. We will break down the racial components of the data with a pie chart, and we will use a line graph to show the increase in responses over time. Some of the largest categories we are dealing with are simply the raw number of responses, such as messages.

Our data will outline the patterns in the world of social interaction, while we are using information from online dating, it will reflect on society as a whole. We are going to illustrate how dealing with someone who appears unfamiliar can be off putting, and highlight the reasons that our civilization tends to be a bit self-segregating. We want to explore the relationship between attraction, and willingness to work with someone, live next to someone, and cooperate as a whole. Our project will underline the subtle systemic racism that may never stop plaguing people of every different culture, and try to find ways to deal with this matter. We want to highlight a serious issue clinging to society much in the way Snowden brought to light issues plaguing the government.

Students in class have mentioned what the difference between racism and preferences are. Is it wrong to have a preference? The dictionary definition of racism states: “Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” My partner and I by all means are not saying that one should not feel obligated to be with someone they are not attracted to. However, there is a difference between individuals and groups. Attractiveness is definitely a characteristic. So for example, if you believe that a All Mexicans are inferior in attraction than a Caucasian then that in turn is a racist belief.