Imagining The Good Enough Starter Job

In my everyday work, I am currently facing some of the challenges described in Doctorow. Over the summer I was a Web Intern working the aforementioned 40 hours/week. Now that classes are back I am a full time student and working less hours. I design and code the weekly emails, I update various aspects of their website, and even manage their video streaming service for the weekly webinar.

It is a challenge, but it is exactly what I want in my work. The best learning is through experience, and I am constantly experiencing this field. A job isn’t just what you learn in class, it’s everything you are capable of doing. You need to leverage your creative, technical, and social skills all at the same time to complete tasks given to you. Information is used when I look at the analytics of those opening and viewing our emails. Digital technology helps me because I use computers for my work on a daily basis. The culture part of DTC has taught me, the world is an ever changing place, and we are simply along for the ride.

“It’s not a glamorous job, but it’s the job that needs doing. What I’m asking you to do now is look inside yourself and ask, ‘Do I want to do the job that needs doing, even if it’s boring and workaday and merely necessary and not at all exciting? You say you believe in Joe — do you support him enough to join his army as a grunt and not a general?” I could see why she was the campaign manager, and not Joe. Joe had made me want to take to the streets, but she made me want to prove I could get the job done. They must make a great team.”

-Doctorow, Homeland

This exchange is a very real fact in the workplace. Jobs are a means to an end, employers have a task that needs to be done, and we need to mold ourselves to fit the role. There are certain expectations that are placed on us and we all have an innate desire to please others. Especially authority figures. So we become the person that we believe will fill those expectations. We are adaptable to many situations and we can become what is needed in different parts of our life. For example, before working at the company I viewed myself as a designer who did coding on the side, I even did a lot of designing outside of work. However, the company has had me do most of the development work with a little bit of designing on the side. Due to the fact that they already had enough designers and not a lot of developers. I now do a lot of coding as a hobby outside of work now. This has greatly improved my development skills.

A straight forward approach to your expectations is always a great start to any task. My dream career would be to work for a bigger company such as Apple, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. What would be rewarding would be a work life balance, because in the end, work should be about work, and life should be about life. The least rewarding aspect of the job is being at the bottom of the ladder, however it gives me motivation to climb and do better jobs. I want to work for people with a passion for technology and value openness and integrity. I want to work for people who believe in the power of a global platform filled with inspirations and ideas and how it can connect everyone together.

I have been asked by the company to work as their Junior Web Developer after I graduate. I will continue to work there for as long as I stay in Pullman. However, Pullman just isn’t my home. One of my priorities in job placement is to be in a location where I can be close to my family, and luckily for me, I have a good deal of family near New York. I know that it will be a challenge to tackle a new life in a drastically different city than I am used to, but my life has thrown me a good deal of challenges already, I look forward to what is to come.