Fake App

dtc1Many selfie takers have a specific element that they like to alter in a photo. Wether it is filters, lighting, or a certain feature on their face, selfie takers often have the need to change particular details. We have various apps such as Instagram and VSCO cam to help take care of filters. And now snap chat has ways of making the user’s face appear slimmer, but how happy are these users with their actual appearance? What if there was an app that actually manipulated one’s face in real life?

The app I have designed allows users to upload an image of their face and use tools similar to Photoshop to rearrange certain features and get a price quote for it. They can then fill out a form and pay for a service. I call the app “Fixyourface.com” or “FYF” for short. The app is very intuitive, effective and efficient. Some users want a make-over that is to the extreme or even permanent. For example, making your nose appear smaller or bigger. Not to worry if this is something you’re interested in. The FYF app will give you a price quote and recommend you to the nearest surgeon in your area. It will also allow you to pay beforehand. Not looking for something permanent? The FYF app lets you alter your face with make-up and then has a professional cosmetologist reach you within 5 minutes or your money back guarantee. They will fix your face for cheap. At FixYourFace.com why not look your best?

The audience the app is catering to is anyone who is either unhappy with their appearance or desires a simple change in looks. The location the app will be most prominent in is South Korea. As plastic surgery is more normalized there then as opposed to America. Here in the US many celebrities have had plastic surgery, but it is taboo to talk about. Although looking attractive is prominent within the digital space in America, natural beauty is embraced more. So exposing this kind of an app in America may not generate as much revenue and will most likely be frowned upon. Whereas in South Korea, looks are highly important. Especially in the work world. In South Korea you need a photo of your face in a resume. Employers judge you on how friendly or attractive you look. They also have TV shows in Korea about people getting surgery and how nice they look afterwards. Also there are many specials for high school students that get surgery after they graduate. Their parents usually get half off. FYF will be a breath of fresh air for Koreans that want to look nice. Especially since it is a desirable and learnable tool.

This is currently the wireframe of how the app will look. Eventually it will reach the prototype stage and will be tested later on. I want to reiterate that this app will be highly intuitive. As in a new user could learn it within 10 minutes. I also feel that a decent amount of observation has been recorded to produce a desirable app that satisfies the needs of the user. According to the article “Design Thinking: Learn How to Solve Problems Like a Designer” by Janie Kliever, she quotes a man by the name of Tim Brown-CEO and president of IDEO: “The mission of design thinking is to translate observation into insights and insights into products and services that will improve lives.” This is best done by utilizing six different modes. Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and testing. The Empathize, Define and Ideate portion has been covered, but may need to look at even further to gain insights on other perspectives before moving onto prototyping.