So a few days ago I was asked what my Identity was on Social media. I did not know how to answer that at first. I know that I tend to highlight my successes online rather than my failures. Mainly because perception now a days is everything, especially within the digital world. A large majority of internet users have the “ideal self” that they like to portray. They aspire to be whom they view as successful, extraordinary and brilliant. I personally feel that this is something that I too strive for, as I know that I will be searched by potential employers. Some may see this as good others bad, but as discussed in class, we are under watch by professionals, teachers, etc. As the use of digital technology grows, the need to present ones characteristics, attributes and personality has become more prevalent. This was shown when I researched myself on Google the other day.


Toya’s Portfolio
Photo credit: Toya Hill

On the google search, I found a website that I had recently created. It is a web portfolio displaying a collection of work I’ve done. I also found all of my blogs and an array of social media accounts.


Toya’s Portfolio
Photo credit: Toya Hill

Some I use, some I hardly ever use (Myspace, Facebook and all that jazz). My social medias may appear to be a dating site at first glance, as my name/title on almost all of them is “blackasiancutie4u.” In fact, the very blog I’m writing on is titled “blackasiancutie4u.”


Toya’s Instagram
Photo credit: Toya Hill

I know it may sound unprofessional to some, but to me it is an identity marker. A name that expresses my culture and embodies my characteristics that have meaning to me. The content on my social Medias are filled with images of projects I’ve done and a ton of selfies and sceneries.

     Due to my major and my love of technology, it may appear that I have an addiction, but as Danah Boyd-writer of “Participating in the Always-On Life style” said “Why shouldn’t we all have the ability to craft our identity in a public culture? Personally I’ve gained more professionally from being public than I could have dreamed possible when I started blogging in 1997.” Being active on social media can be very personally enriching.

     After carefully analyzing what I found about me online, I would say that I would put myself in the category of a self-promoter and artist. I use the internet to illustrate my success and to display some of the progressions I’ve made with my projects. Going through my self-search, I saw several websites and digital art that I’ve created and I honestly love sharing these projects with my fellow peers and co-workers. I think allowing my friends and the whole internet community to be inclusive with my success and life updates, creates this sense of unity. It also embodies characteristics that have meaning to my culture and the society in which we exist in. We are inviting people in with shared interests and celebrating shared experiences, which builds friendships and emotional bonds.

     Although I enjoy having my progress in life shown, there is still another characteristic of myself that I’d like to see online. I want to be that digital caregiver. I want to use my social medias as a platform to share my knowledge with other users. One of my favorite Youtubers is Mike Locke. His channel is full of inspirational videos that help people become a better UI/UX designers. Not only does he have tutorials on how to use technology to create user friendly designs, but he also provides videos that are uplifting and insightful. They pick you up when you’re in a rut and he is so real and genuine. I highly recommend watching his videos if you’re seeking advice on how to go about in the design field.

Tips and Advice on Getting Job Ready for UI/UX Design
By Mike Locke

     With all this being said, I can clearly see how some people may see the continuous use of technology being an addiction. But as Danah Boyd had mentioned, people may mistakenly assume you’re addicted to technology, but in actuality, we are addicted to information. Which is why I had seeked the youtuber above: to help me grow as a designer. We as internet users have a passion for people and information. Yes technology can waste our time and expose us to a certain level of frustration, but it also connects us, builds communities and provides a sense of unity. I feel this is something many users and nonusers of social media can agree on, is that we like to feel connected. Belonging to a group or community (whether it’s a community of Facebook) helps us understand who we are and feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.