Chicken Dance:)

Hiromi is probably one of my favorite teachers at WSU. I’ve never met anyone with so much energy before. If you want to take a fine arts class take it with her. You won’t regret it. Here we are all doing our last chicken dance in class. What a great semester this has been:)

Still life (studio set up)


I feel I’m definitely improving on my drawings. The blanket on this piece in comparison to my value and scale drawing looks a lot more realistic. Definitely need to push the values still, there is but only a few tones on this drawing. Will work on that more for my mid-term, but I think I’m finally starting to get the shapes right and I’m improving on creating more details in my work.

Hallway one-point Perspective drawing


Here is a one point perspective drawing of a hallway I drew located in the Art center. It took me a while to make sure every line pointed exactly towards the vanishing point. It honestly felt like my ruler had a mind of its own sometimes. i like how the drawing ended up and I think I’m starting to slowly understand perspective drawings a little better. I will continue working on making sure every lines is lined up correctly as that was a problem I previously had.

Reductive drawing (Creating ground with charcoal, eraser as medium)


This was a fun drawing I did in 5 minutes of a skeleton that was positioned slightly sideways in front of me. I used charcoal and an eraser for this art work.

Mystery drawing (Drawing with senses, mystery object)


In class we did a fun little activity where we had to feel an object in a bag and draw it. We were not allowed to see what was in the bag. Just drew what we felt and this is what I came up with.

Self Portrait( application of Master study)



Here is a self-portrait I did of myself. I approached this drawing the same way I did with the Skull. I created structural lines first but drew the whole face out at once instead of drawing it one at a time. Looking back on this photo I could’ve used contouring around my face and hair. I also notice the corner of my lip is up on the wrong side. Probably the only thing I like about this drawing is that it does look similar to the photo of myself, but although one can tell this is me, I probably could’ve done a lot better. Hopefully I can get this charcoal tool down.

Da Vinci Skull drawing (Master study of lines)


This is a drawing I did of a skull using charcoal. To help me achieve the shape, I drew structural lines and erased a little of it when I was done so as not to distract the viewer. I drew each side of the face one at a time to make sure the skull was proportional. I struggled with creating shadows and the little details that I would normally make with pencil. With charcoal I kept smearing everything including the hatches I placed over the face. Using charcoal was very new to me, I’m more of a pencil drawer, but hopefully with time, I’ll get better.

16 line study (a thing in 16 ways)