Reflection Response 1

Hello, my name is Toya and I am a DTC major at WSU. I’m currently a junior and I am taking this class because I’ve always had an interest in web development and design. My fascination started back when I was a kid and that old dinosaur “Myspace” was around. I loved that I could change the way my page looked and how viewers could interact with it. I self taught how to put together the principle and design effects of creating a page that looked aesthetically pleasing. To me, that is what web authoring is about: designing and building a website that’s visually appealing by using images, colors, shapes, sounds and movements. I’m looking forward to pulling apart and looking at the mechanics of how a website is built beyond the help of social media sites. I’m also looking forward to seeing how rhetorics may function on certain sites and how I can formulate a rheotircally savvy looking page.

I chose this design because I like the color. It’s a soft pink-not too strong or violent of a color. Its soft, calm and simple. I think when site viewers see pink, they associate it with femininity, romance or with women in general. Mine is sort of a light pink with white. I think that combination makes it look a little more classy and simple. The reason I don’t like my page so far is because I’ve been trying to add an image at the top, but I currently havn’t figured out how yet. The image is a photo of an ukulele. I thought that would help add a touch of who I am, since I love all things musical and artsy. I myself play a few instruments and love art, so it’s a bummer I can’t show that using an image on my page yet.