The Medium is the Massage-Visual Essay

“Electric circuitry has overthrown the regime of “time” and “space”
and pours upon us instantly and continuously the concerns of all other

– The Medium is the Massage; Marshall Mcluhan

In our digital world, we can sometimes forget the subtle
differences in how we perceive information. We get our news and
communications so effortlessly, it’s not obvious just how much effort
goes into crafting our experience to deliver the message straight into
our heads, without needing to pour through a mountain of extra data.
Even a simple text site like craigslist is designed to be easy to use,
and minimal effort to quickly find the information we need and tell
the world what we need them to know.

The hierarchy structure that they use separating their information into the correct categories makes navigating the thousands of posting a breeze, even for a novice user. Unlike text, video not only conveys information, but emotions, ideas, places, people, and concepts. A single frame of video can paint a picture that implants ideas into our minds, and the audio that goes along with it helps to build a desired narrative. This blending of multimedia experiences, sound, visual, and text, helps to quickly say something without necessarily needing to say it out loud.

My job at the moment, both as an intern and a freelancer, is to
craft a user experience that makes the user feel as though they’ve
been using this site or program for their whole lives. They should
intuitively feel where the information they want is, and they should
easily be able to manipulate the data to find their goals. When I show
a client a website I’ve crafted for them, the goal is to have them
dive right in and effortlessly navigate back and forth. The message
that I deliver is whatever they want to convey, and the medium is
everything at my disposal. When we use all of the tools we have in our
arsenal, we can achieve great things.

I think the appeal to websites is the awareness that every user can be a potential creator. The appeal of lofi-that one can make something that anyone can potentially produce, such as a craigslist post or a social media profile. Its extremely important to the culture of online media. So whats considered flawed and imperfect in websites in the eyes of other media, is actually essential to information. Mcluhan was fond of saying that radio was more suited to packages to completed products while tv had a preoccupation with processes to seeing how things are done. I think this extends even future with websites. Just take a look at wordpress blogs. The whole process of storing information, you can even add audio files and various graphics to stimulate every human sense. Below I have images of the most popular websites we use today. The old websites vs. the new.